The Racetrack of Serres

The Serres Racing Circuit, is the largest racetrack in Greece. There you can rent a race car. It was built just a few months after the construction of the Megara track. The Serres Circuit is the largest, the most complete and unique with FIA (International Internationale de l’automobile) and FIM (Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme) specifications. Its position is very convenient for visitors from the whole Balkan region.


It’s been in business for more than 20 years. During this time it has hosted many motor racing and motorcycle races as well as non-racing events. This made it known as the center of motor sport in Greece. The operator of the racetrack is the Serres Circuit S.A. It is a private legal entity operating in the form of a Societe Anonyme (SA) with majority shareholder the Municipality of Serres.

It was built in accordance with safety requirements of up to Formula 3 levels, on a 1.000 acre site, in 1998. The surface is smooth throughout the track. The most recent resurfacing works in 2012 completed the project of the entire racetrack. It is 3.186 km long and this makes it the longest racing circuit in the region. This helps it receive plenty of visitors and users throughout the year.


There are convenient facilities and constructions. The pit building has 18 garages, fast but quality food restaurants, a media centre for journalists, vip rooms for special guests, and great views from the second floor of the main building.

Reasons why people love motorsports.

Motorsports can easily become a lifelong obsession. Why else would men like Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher or the late Colin McRae pour millions of euros, much of it from their own personal fortunes, into pursuing the hobby? There’s just something about being on a racetrack or being behind the wheel of a fast car that unlocks something primal within us. We speak from first-hand experience. For example, a customer of ours drives an SUV most days, a reliable and quality car, but at the weekends he has a turn at driving one of our Suzuki Swift Sport Stage 2 (our pride and joy). He becomes intensely focused, and in the words of Tom Cruise; feels “the need for speed!”


It’s strange, really, this effect fast cars have on us. After all, automobiles have only existed since the late 1800s. They’re barely a century old yet they feel like an extension of ourselves. In fact, another form of transport that was arguably more impressive in some ways is the hot air balloon. It has existed for over a hundred years longer than the car. That invention allowed us to explore the skies above us for the first time. It also allowed us to fly to wherever we wished and land with precision. Then along came the invention of the automobile and suddenly man had found his favorite mode of transport. The hot air balloon was relegated to something couples do with a picnic. It wasn’t until the Wright Brothers invented the airplane than we cared about flying again.


Our first choice.

Cars won the day, and every day after that. But how did something that moves horizontally outshine a flying machine? Some could argue cars are merely practical and safer than taking to the skies. But this only by looking at the annual figures of car related injuries and fatalities in Europe and the United States. This clearly isn’t true. Accidents happen of course and we can’t blame cars. Sadly, the reasons are usually a combination of human error, poor judgement, and distraction.


An explanation for the human love for cars is not just being based on simple practicality. This wouldn’t explain the need for speed we all feel. That rush of adrenaline when the engine growls, or that pull back of our bodies as a subtle wave of G-force washes over us. Finally that tingle in the pits of our stomach we all get. That same feeling we get on rollercoasters and other thrill rides. No, practical as cars may be, it doesn’t explain our love for them. It certainly doesn’t explain people like Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher or Colin McRae becoming some obsessed and dedicated to their sport.


High Speeds.

All sportsmen and women of course become dedicated to their craft and perhaps a little obsessed with it. The desire to be the best at what one does is human nature. The most competitive among us feel it the most keenly. But motorsports are different from the rest. There’s an element of danger in all sports. But not on the same level as there is when driving a fast car around a racing circuit at 200 kilometers an hour. Kicking a ball into a net, even winning a trophy or an entire tournament surely cannot compare to this feeling of freedom experienced by racetrack drivers? Surely the thrill is simply incomparable and it’s this thrill that fuels love for fast cars and racetracks.


In fact, we think freedom is the answer we’ve been looking for. If you excuse the pun, the driving force that governs the thrill we get from fast cars. It cannot be achieved in any other way by a regular human being. Once we feel it we crave more of it, we may go out of our way to experience it again. That sense of freedom is addictive. Fast cars are our gateway to feeling more of this safely and legitimately. The conditions for this feeling are even better on a racetrack.


The reality on public roads.

That’s not to say that an ordinary car on a public road isn’t fast, it sure is. There’s nowhere on the Greek road system that allows a driver to go faster than 130 kilometers per hour. This is something we can do with barely any effort whatsoever. But due to the law (and common sense), we must use it like any other road user would use any other car. We know that public roads are not a racetrack. That’s okay, we have taken our red Swift to Germany onto the autobahns where there are no speed limits to feel the rush. But even in that environment it’s just not the same.


As fun (and a little scary) as the autobahns are, they are no substitute for a racetrack, and our beloved regular cars are no substitute for a real hired racing car. Or indeed a custom-made car, specifically designed for racing circuits. The autobahns themselves are roads not racing tracks. There may be no speed limit but that doesn’t mean they are intended for leisure and fun. Those looking for freedom or a thrill will find it in some form but don’t expect to be able to let go. It’s essential to keep your wits about you. There are other road users too and most of them go even faster than you, and to them it’s just another commute.


Why Racing Circuits are such an attraction?

This is why racing circuits are essential and the ultimate way for those who feel the need for speed to let loose and have a good time. Only here can we unleash our inner Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher. Ιn the safety of a controlled environment and under the supervision of a trained professional instructor. And more importantly in a car that was designed to be taken through its paces around a racetrack.


No matter where we are in the world there will be a racing circuit somewhere where we can hire a fast car or a custom car and experience the thrill of driving fast round a racetrack which was designed for that very purpose. Chances are we’re not going to be driving a formula one car (although there are places where we can), but it’s important to learn to walk before we can run. Fast cars come in many different forms and the thrill of speed can be achieved in any of them.


Examples of motorsport events.

Race days have become a popular pass time all over Europe and the United States and they come in many different forms. They’ve also become a stag party favorite, and take it from us, with good reason! Racing your friends and winning is the ultimate brag! Especially when you’re both driving the same car made with the same specifications, no excuses from the loser here, only the most skilled driver wins. Naturally making sure the rules of the Serres Circuit are followed so everyone can have a good time and do it safely.


What to do if you don’t own a fast car.

Going to a race day essentially involves hiring some fast cars for the day (or a few hours) and driving them around a racing track at speed. There are different varieties of race day depending on the racing circuit. It also depends on the company providing the service and the cars on offer. The most prestigious (and expensive) race days are the ones where the customer gets to hire a supercar for the day. When we say supercar, we mean incredibly expensive cars like the Ferrari 458 Spider, the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, or the McLaren 570. These certainly are beautiful and fast cars. But they don’t represent traditional racing cars. This sort of race day is also one that comes at a high cost and may not be suitable to all motorsport enthusiast budgets.


Those looking to feel the thrill of speed and freedom may be better served applying for a race day or track day. It can be done through a company that provides a more custom experience, involving fast cars that have been customized into racing cars. Not only will this be easier on our wallets, but the cars will also be more suitable and familiar to the ones we have all driven in the past, only way, way faster!


How to book and race at a Racing Circuit.

Famous racing circuits exist all over Europe. Each normally has agreements with other third-party companies which can provide the fast cars. And on days when there is no event occurring, the general public can contact one of these third-party companies. This way they can arrange a track day with their friends and family. There is usually more than one company operating out of each famous racing circuit. It’s essential to pick the right one. Some questions would be:

  • What fast cars do they offer?
  • Are their instructors certified?
  • How do their prices compare to their competitors?
  • Can I book a car online?
  • Can I have a professional instructor next to me?
  • Can I get trained before a big race event?


The Nürburgring.

The Nürburgring Racing Circuit in Germany is a classic example of a racing track that encourages the public to try their hand at driving fast cars. As it’s one of the biggest and most well-known race circuits all of Europe, the Nürburgring has a lot of racing enthusiasts clamouring to visit and getting a spot. It usually needs to be booked well in advance with one of the many third-party organizations offering race day events at the racing circuit.


It’s for this reason why sometimes it can be better to book such an experience at a lesser known but up and coming racing circuit where the same services can be taken advantage of. Usually for a lot less money and without the need to book quite so much in advance. There also won’t be quite as many third-part racing providers vying for your attention and business, making it easier to pick a quality company to hire your fast cars of choice. After all that’s what it’s about, the cars. Cars and speed.


The Serres Circuit

One region that has an active track racing community is northern Greece. Particularly the Serres Racing Circuit in the Greek city of Serres. It’s also known as the Serres Racetrack. The Serres Racing Circuit is a fantastic location to visit if you’re a motorsports enthusiast. Indeed, even if you’re a local and are looking for a great day out or ideas for a stag party. The Serres Circuit comes highly recommended and many of the perks described above do apply to it. One third party car rental company is ours and rents Suzuki Swift Sport cars. Rent, Drive, Enjoy or RDE for short. We are located at the Serres Circuit and offer an excellent range of services. It includes racing or getting trained with one of our professional driving instructors.


The services of RDE in Serres, Greece.

Our company caters both for experienced drivers and those who are new to the racing experience. Those who have experience will be allowed to rent a car and have the freedom to tackle the Racetrack of Serres on their own. Those who are new to the track experience can still rent a car but will also be able to take a training session, helping them to build the skills to fly solo in no time. Even experienced drivers will need to undergo the training session. Driving a custom fast car round the Serres Racing Circuit requires a different set of skills than road driving. But the good news is that those with driving experience will be able to pick it up quickly and enjoy the full track experience.


RDE actually own cars that were purchased from the Nürburgring. They are designed and optimized with racing and track driving in mind. The company owns a range of cars such as Suzuki Swifts and Nissan 350Z to name a few and are well worth checking out. If the sense of freedom fast cars provide us really is the thing that keeps us hooked on them, then a track day is the ultimate expression of this. It really cannot be fully appreciated until it’s been experienced first-hand.


Below is a video of RDE at the Serres Circuit.


Serres Racing Circuit is located in northern Greece, at the City of Serres. The nearest airport is the Thessaloniki International Airport – SKG, about 1,5 hour car. The International Airport of Kavala – KVA, is another option, about 2 hours by car.


The Racetrack is close to the center city and near the highway No 12. Follow the signs or let Google Maps guide you.


Address: Serres Racing Circuit, Omonias Athletic Park, Serres, 62125, Greece


GPS: 41° 4′ 21.838″N | 23° 30′ 51.236″E

(+30) 6942 407 150