We offer the perfect stage 2 rental race car for driving sessions on the Serres Racing Circuit. You can use these own your own during free days, track days, or on race days. We aim to exceed your expectations and to make your time visiting the town of Serres the best experience possible. Alone or with our help!


We want to make your trip to Greece and especially to Serres a time to remember getting a lot of adrenalines experience!


We can also assist with recommendations for hotel bookings, SKG Thessaloniki airport pickup, dining, getting outside to bars, driving coaches, and everything else you can think of.

How and when can I drive at Serres Racing Circuit:

Serres Racing Circuit is open daily and on the weekend for driving practice. Certain calendar days, the circuit is rented for races, track days, tests, etc. (You can check free days and races here)


RDE does not control Serres Circuit opening times and cannot guarantee any published times or take responsibility for short notice cancellations.

What is the difference between basic rental and rental for track day/race?

We offer two rental packages:


The basic rental includes renting the car on days when there is free training under the Serres Racing Circuit program. The cost is: 4 € / km and includes car use, fuel, helmet, tires.  Additional charges include the track entry tickets and the personal accident insurance(25€) for as many days in a row used on track


Rental for track day / race includes car rental on scheduled day / race days. The cost is 499 € / day (free including 130km/h) Over 130km/day, 3.5€ / km. and includes car use, fuel, tires. Additional charges include the price of tickets for entering the circuit depends on the organizer.


These are the only differences.

What time should I arrive?

The time of arrival should be given to you when you’ve finished booking your car. But normally it looks like this:


60-90 minutes before track/session opens: Arrival at RDE, completion of paperwork and payment.


30 minutes before track opens: First briefing begins. If you miss the start, you will have to wait for another briefing at our convenience. You may lose track time.


Serres Circuit opens: If you’ve not arrived and not contacted us, we will give your car to the first person walking through the door.


Always keep an eye on the opening times as they can often change with no warning. We don’t control the opening times.

Where should we stay? Are there good hotels?

At the City of Serres there are several options for accommodation. Here are some of them:


Comfortable: Acropol Hotel & Spa. 7km from center city and 8km from the Racing Circuit.
Phone: +30 23210 78880


Extra Comfortable: Elpida Resort & Spa. 3km from center city and 6km from the Racing Circuit.
Phone: +30 23210 20000


Exceptional Luxury: Hacienda Verde. 4km from center city and 6km from the Racing Circuit.
Phone: +30 6946 505 055

When should I visit Serres Racing Circuit?

We recommend scheduling from February to November. We cannot predict weather conditions in the winter. Usually, December and January there is snow, fog, and frozen roads. In such weather conditions the racing circuit might be closed.


Check the weather at Serres


For more information, please visit the track calendar.

Can I take passengers on circuit?

Yes, you can have a co-passenger on the circuit, but you first have to pay for tickets and get a bracelet. Participation of a minor requires the written agreement of both guardians. All of our cars have two seats, one driver and one passenger.

Can I book a car?

Yes, you can book a car. Please let us know in enough time to ensure the car is not already booked.

Is there minimum car usage?

Yes, there is and its 35km

Can I have an instructor with me?

The best way to experience the Serres Racing Circuit and learn the secrets of the main track is with a professional instructor on the passenger seat. Whether it’s your lap or you are experienced, we have instructors available who can help you get the most from your time on the Serres Circuit. You will improve your driving techniques and the lap time! The price is 65€ for each session and includes 30 minutes of theory and 1 session of practice.


Please give us a call or send an email for further information on prices and available dates.


When you have a professional trainer next to you, after completing the seminar, you will also receive a certificate.

How does the insurance coverage work?

Our cars have legal number plates and are insured for damages caused by a third party on public roads. However, if you do damage to the car on the racetrack, or if a third party does damage to the car it is your responsibility if this happens on the racetrack.

In case the responsibility falls on you, here is what applies:


Liabilities without an extra insurance package:

Suzuki Swift: € 6000

Price: Free


Liabilities with an extra insurance package (optional):

Suzuki Swift: € 3000

Price: € 199 (if you decide to buy an extra insurance package)


Insurance for personal accident:

Personal accident insurance is obligatory. You can either be covered by your own insurance; or you have the option to buy insurance at an extra fee of 25€, covering personal injuries of up to 30.000€.

What is the minimum age for renting a race car from RDE?

The minimum age is 21 years. Drivers must have held their license for at least 2 years.


If someone who is under this age wants to drive, there is the ability but only with a professional instructor as a co-passenger.


Please note: The road traffic regulations specify that the minimum age for children sitting on the co-driver seat is 12 years or a minimum height of 1.5 meters. Our RDE cars do not have rear seats.


Participation of a minor requires a written statement from both guardians.

Is it possible to ride with an experienced driver for a fast taxi session of the circuit?

Υes, we offer this service. We offer race taxi co-drives during Serres Racing Circuit Track days and free practice days with Suzuki Swift Stage 2, Nissan 350Z, and other cars. It is your choice. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the Serres Racetrack at race speed with a very experienced driver. Please contact us for available dates, prices, and further info.

What if the track closes on my rental day? Or i don't drive all of my laps?

The Serres Racing Circuit doesn’t open that day at all: If you arrive, pay in full, and attend the briefing, but the track never opens then we will refund you 100%. This situation happens a few times a year, normally due to snow, ice or fog. That’s why it’s our standard practice not to release the cars to customers until we know the track is open.


The Serres Racing Circuit changes the opening times: If the track opening hours are changed at short notice, you can ask to downgrade your booking to a package more suitable for the time available. For example, if a half-day session is rescheduled to an evening session on the same day. If you then drive more sessions, just pay the extra session charges at the end.


Let’s say you don’t drive all of the sessions in your package: This used to be a problem, but not anymore. Now we have a new pricing system. You only pay a basic rental rate for each car. This gives you the car for unlimited time, but only the first session is included in this basic price. You take the car out and drive as many sessions as you like, without time limitation as long as the track is open. When you return the car, you will have to pay for the number of sessions you have driven.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The rental is no longer time dependent. You always book the car per day, regardless of how long the advertised opening time is. This way, you never lose anything and you will never be stressed while renting our car.

Is it required to wear a helmet during driving in the racetrack?

Yes, it is compulsory to wear a helmet.

The helmet is included in the additional car equipment.

Which payment methods do you offer?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, Maestro, and Electronic Cash as well as cash payment.

What are the rules for driving the serres racing circuit?

The Serres Racing Circuit has lots of important rules during the free practice sessions. Customers driving our rentals will need to complete a 30-minute briefing before they are allowed to drive.


The basics are:

-You must wear seat belts and a helmet.

-It is strictly forbidden to move contrary to the direction of the track.

-Horn and flashing lights are not allowed when trying to overtake someone.

-Do not move at high speed in the pits. (up to 25km / h)

-Burn out, handbraking, and anything else to be impressed.

-If you have a mechanical problem, do not get out of the car. If you need to exit, do not remove the helmet. You will be helped by the serres circuit assistance.

Are video cameras allowed on the serres racing circuit?

As of 2013, videos cameras have been allowed for personal use. Cameras must be mounted inside the car, and we ask that they are mounted safely and professionally!


If you don’t have one, we can rent one to you.

Do i have to pay if the car breaks down, or suffers a technical problem?

This is one reason why we choose to run dataloggers on our cars. If the car breaks and it’s not the driver’s fault, then we will pay for the recovery and find a suitable replacement vehicle with no charges. If it’s the driver’s fault (for example, mis-shifting and over-revving the engine, or damaging the car on a high curb), then the driver would have to pay to repair the car, up to the maximum liability in the contract.

What will happen if i shift into the wrong gear shift and i exceed the limit of the engine?

We want to make sure that each customer gets a healthy car. The engine in the Swift has proven to be very solid, but there is a limit somewhere. We have seen RPMs of 10,000 and higher on a car with a 7,000 RPM redline. No wonder the engine went buzz.


We needed to change the engine, but the driver at fault only paid his fine, which is € 150 to 300 maximum. This way, all our customers can rely on a car that is 100% in shape and will NOT let you down.


Let us give you another example: You rent our car, drive off, and in you first lap, the engine lets you down. We can see in the datalogger, you did not make any mistakes, like putting the wrong gear in and we will get a new car right away and you can keep driving without even worrying about the broken engine.


Important note: If you have no daily experience with manual gearboxes, please don’t try to learn how to drive a manual on the racetrack.

How much does the entry ticket cost?

The entry ticket is 55 € from Monday to Thursday and 65 € Friday – Sunday and Holidays.


The ticket for the co-driver is 20 €.


For use of Swift Sport Stage 2 on track days, the amount depends on the event manager.

How much does personal insurance cost and what does it cover?

25 € and includes personal insurance in the event of an accident up to 30,000 €.

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