In-and-off track experience

We are:

  • certified driving instructors
  • safe driving instructors trained in safe driving techniques
  • trained in ADAC
  • driver instructors of Serres city, with a fleet of vehicles, covering all categories of diplomas, with a history dating back to 1978


We are in love with motorsports, cars are our hobby, and our last visit to the Nürburgring Nordschleife inspired us to create something that was missing from Greece so far. The ultimate racing driving experience on a racing circuit with race cars.


At the same time, we provide you with safe driving, driver training courses, with our own or your own cars in the same venue.



You will have unforgettable moments!

Our cars

Our cars are insured with the required insurance for public roads.

If you cause damage to them, you are liable up to the amount of 6000€.

Alternatively, you can reduce this amount to 50% if you pay an extra 199€.

Where to find us



You will find us at Serres Racing Circuit.


Our office is located at: Patriarchou Grigoriou Z1, Serres 62125
Tel1: / Fax: 23210 58158
Tel2: 6942 407 150

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